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What to do in Milton Keynes 27-Jun-2022

Traveling is perhaps the best thing to do. When you travel, you get to explore the world and live in different cultures. This gives a great exposure as well as a new perspective to life. If you love traveling and often travel alone, there are some wonderful places to explore and many ways to enrich your travel experience. For travelers looking at exploring England, there are places that may not be too popular to be listed on frequent travelers’ bucket list but can be absolutely mesmerizing and fascinating. Milton Keynes, a large town of Buckinghamshire is one such place. Often abbreviated as MK, this town is about 50 miles north-west of London and is actually a new town on the grid pattern of boulevards. This makes it an interesting place to explore especially for backpackers and for travelers who are traveling alone.


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Milton Keynes is a planned town and that implies, it has everything well designed and mapped out. The prominent high-rise central business district and all the modern buildings are a great sight but there are plenty of other things that can make your visit to MK truly refreshing and wonderful. Here are a few things that you can do in and around Milton Keynes when you are traveling alone and if you do need some great company, there is always the option to hire a professional companion to show you around the town.


The best things to do in Milton Keynes


 The Bletchley Park

The Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes has great historical significance. This 19th-century estate building, which was used extensively during the Second World War by codebreaker Alan Turing to crack secret axis communications, today hosts exhibitions glorifying code breakers such as Alan Turing and Alastair Denniston.


 National Museum of Computing

This is a one-of-a-kind museum located in Milton Keynes that works with the sole purpose of acquiring and restoring old and historic computer systems. The museum has some very interesting exhibits including a timeline of computing or exploring how the oldest working digital computer performed. The museum has several other landmark exhibits that are well appreciated by people who study the field of computing, in particular.


 Woburn Abbey and Gardens

One look at this beautiful Woburn Abbey and you will know, it is a place for romance. The gorgeous infrastructure and construction of the abbey engages the onlookers and keeps them engrossed for hours. The Abbey hosts private art collections from Easter to October and if you want to truly make the most of your visit here, get in touch with a good escort service for hiring a professional companion who will further enhance the experience for you.


Willen Lakeside Park

This is another area in the town that is truly mesmerizing and lovely. Located in the eastern part of the town, the Willen Lakeside Park is a massive open space, beautifully landscaped, around a balancing lake across River Ouzel. There is a recreation area on the South of the lake where visitors can take lessons in wakeboarding, waterskiing, kitesurfing and knee boarding. Again, this lake is a place that you will thoroughly enjoy when you are with friends, family or when you are with your partner. If you are alone, you can definitely consider getting a personal companion for this trip and enjoy to the fullest.


Woburn Safari Park

If you are an adventure-loving person and love the green forests and animal life, the Woburn Safari Park is your place to be. The safari park offers a road safari experience and then a foot safari experience to view different animals who are kept in different enclosures. The safari park hosts regular talks and demonstrations about different animal lifestyles. While you can be lucky to watch the big animals such as bison, zebra, or wild horses when on a road safari, you can spot otters and meerkats on a foot safari.


Apart from the above-mentioned places, there are also some very beautiful churches and chapels that you should definitely visit. The peace and the calm of the churches make the ambiance very romantic and peaceful. If you have a loving companion to explore the various places in Milton Keynes, you are going to have some very beautiful memories to hold on to for a lifetime! Hire Milton keynes escorts from Sparkles.