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Malaga Fair 26-Sep-2018

Malaga Fair

The Malaga Fair (Feria de Malaga in Spanish) is an annual festival which takes place in two areas of the city. During the day it is located in the downtown city centre, which includes the harbour and the main shopping areas. At night, the fair is located at the Cortijo de Torres. Given that each year over two million people attend the various elements of the Maaga Feria, it is fair to say that it is a very important even in the year of Andalucia and the Costa del Sol. During the Feria people can enjoy a hugh range of events and activities for all ages and tastes. There are also a lare number of performances by artists and bands which are free for anyone to attend. It usual takes place during the middle weeks of August. Obviously the exact dates change from year to year.

As you would expect, with over two million people flocking into Malaga for the Feria (many of whom are tourists and visitors from the many cruise ships that now berth in Malaga port) there is lots of work for the Malaga escorts working in Malaga during Feria time. The only problems for an escort agency in malaga during Feria are that the girls who work as escorts want to relax and enjoy the extended party themselves, which makes them hard to get hold of, and the fact that even if you do get a girl able to meet a horny gentleman visitor, she will quite often not be able to get around town anyway due to the volume of traffic and the roads being closed off. Obviously the same is true for men who want to visit an escorts apartment for an in call.

The Feria is intended to celebrate the conquest of the City by the Christian forces of Ferdinand and Isabella, who took the town from the Moors who had ruled for many centuries. This led to the town being brought into the kingdom of Castille on August the nineteenth fourteen eighty seven. On Aguust the fifteenth furteen ninety one the town council decided to hold a celebration of their “freedom” and since then has become an annual event. In the earliest times, the Feria was centred around a procession on the nineteenth of August each year during which the royal stndard which had flown as the town was taken was flown and carried from the Cathedral of Malaga to the Church of Santiago, where a mass was celebrated.