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Being Friend with Manchester Male Escorts Doesn’t Make You One 18-Jul-2017

I am here to dispel some widely propagated ideologies and one of them is that you can identify Manchester male escorts and every other male escort around the globe simply by looking at them. I was puzzled the first time I heard someone say that and out of curiosity, I demanded to know more. According to my informant, male escorts walk in a kind of way that looks feminine which gives them out from a distance.  In my usual way, I don’t hush people also will not swallow every information without carrying out my own investigation. I cautiously began to observe the way my Manchester male escorts walk. Truly, there were those that had the feminine cat-walk step while there were others that swaggered in bold steps in the proud masculine way. I still thought that my informant had some point until the day I met one guy who cat-walked like a lady. I did not know him from anywhere and I thought he would be the perfect subject I could use to validate the speculation of my informant.

Although he was cat-walking, he was still pretty fast that I had to do some running to catch up with him. I was gasping for air the time I met him and I had to follow behind him a little distance to catch my breath before I began to speak with him.

“Hi, my name is Eddie”, I said with a flamboyant smile and an outstretched hand for him to shake.

He looked startled and sized me from head to toe. I imagined him thinking “where do I know this dude from?” He managed to fake a smile and shook my hand coldly.

“I know you probably don’t know me, but I was wondering if you were part of any Manchester male escorts agency?”

For some reason unknown to me, he yanked off his hand from my grip and raised his hand as if in readiness to strike me then he murmured as he left. I hit me that he must have been embarrassed by the question. He probably thought I was asking because I wanted to hire him. If he had been teased in the past of being too feminine, I am pretty sure my question must have stirred up some bitter emotion. I felt bad for him and for myself. I drew my conclusion that cat-walking was not peculiar to Manchester male escorts or any other male escorts. It was something that anyone can decide to be doing, consciously or otherwise. It is terribly wrong to judge anyone from a distance from the way they walk.

The second ideology that has garnered lots of support over a century or more is the one which has been made a wisdom quote, “show me your friend and I will tell who you are”. Well, if you still believe that crap, I am a living disprove to that. I have more than ten very close Manchester male escorts on my list but the last time I checked, I am not a male escort. In fact, I have never had the interest to be one. Your friends have nothing to do with your identity. For those church goers that propagate this message, let us look at the life of Jesus. He was friend with tax collectors, thieves, prostitutes, ate and drank with them but from all the record I have seen, Jesus is still regarded as the holiest person that ever lived on earth.

From my experience, people only become one thing or the other because they have nursed the interest for a long time and only needed someone to motivate them to become that which they have always wanted.Believe me, if you have no interest in smoking or never curious about it, surrounding yourself with ten thousand smokers will make no difference.  It is sad that a lot of people have lost their sense of reason which makes them the pioneer of this quote – which by the way is still widely used till date. Well, I am not here to force anyone to change their belief. No, that will be too much commitment. All I am asking is that you think deeply about everything that is presented to you before believing it.